Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ke $ ha: much prettier in the natural, right?

Ke $ ha took advantage of a hole in his schedule to walk the streets of New York last Thursday (April 14). The singer's worldwide hit "Tik Tok" appeared, dressed in black pants and a black top and silver, but also much less makeup than usual ... It was almost tempted to say better! The lady is much prettier without fireworks, you can not find? Ke $ ha add that recently joined the PETA, the American organization for animal rights, to fight against the slaughter of baby seals that occurs annually in Canada.

The young woman explained the reasons which led it to commit to this worthy cause: "I recently had the chance to watch a bunch of wild seals, and I literally fell in love with these amazing creatures. Every year they migrate from Greenland to Canada to give birth to their young with their fur is prized for its sweetness.

The hunt for baby seals in Canada is barbaric and archaic. My music and my fans are part of a movement of young people who want positive change in the world. I know they help me with PETA, which campaigns to prohibit the slaughter of seals in Canada, and no longer see the fur of baby seals other than in a museum.

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