Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kelly Osbourne defends his girlfriend Miley Cyrus with passion!

Kelly Osbourne has spoken about the comments that the father of Miley Cyrus had issued to his daughter about his role in the series that made him succeed, "Hannah Montana" (which is now turning off) via the chain of television for children and adolescents, the Disney Channel. To recap, the two young women were related to friendship on the set of the movie "So Undercover" which French release date has yet been set.

As a reminder, Billy Ray had said some months ago that this series had "destroyed his family" and he wanted his daughter was not chosen to embody this role with dramatic consequences on the family balance! Since then, the father of the young star, was apologetic for those awkward words that have offended the producers but also his own child.

However, Kelly Osbourne was not convinced about the sincerity of repentance father and has not hesitated to openly criticize the father of the singer and actress. "I think it was very inappropriate," said Kelly Osbourne Piers Morgan "especially since they played together and that this series has made known their glory, this is not something to do with his child.

In fact, it completely lacks delicacy, "she added. Kelly Osbourne, who has yet one of the most eccentric father in the person of Ozzy Osbourne, had no tender words to the progenitor of the interpreter of "Can not be tamed." Since the sensational declarations of Billy, the Cyrus family has returned to the happiness in full force, in fact there is no question of divorce for parents of Miley, as the young woman, she resumed normal relations with his dad sometimes a little too talkative ...

Forget the family tensions, Miley is about to begin his tour of South America in Peru, May 1, and is visibly excited by this project. He even said that his father could accompany him on the South American dates. Provided that the new declarations of Kelly Osbourne does not cast oil on the fire!

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