Saturday, April 23, 2011

Luis Rollan, her relationship with Alba Molina and roll with Paz Vega

The journalist, member of Save me, Luis Rollan entered Deluxe Box and experience was broadcast Tuesday night. Among the things you knew about him was his claustrophobia, his friendship with Isabel Pantoja and her relationship with a girl so famous during his adolescence. Rollan had bothered him that many people thought I was on TV just for being a friend of Isabel Pantoja, Maribel as he calls them.

He explained that the singer never sell, but their friendship was broken and he had already offered a lot of money for speaking ill of her. Commented that their close relationship started via Raquel Bollo, which is very friendly. However, the bombing of the night when he was throwing that had several relationships with girls in their teens.

One of his girlfriends with whom he lived was a very passionate Alba Molina. The daughter of Lole y Manuel bride became known as Alejandro Sanz, also dated Leiva de Pereza and was quite successful with the group Girls. Luis Rollan narrated that cut to Alba before going to Madrid and explaining a story about his relationship with the girl.

She was very jealous and Luis, who was speaker in the Top 40, you had to go on tour with the winner of a weekend trip to Paris. The lucky was a friend of Rolle, Mari Paz, now known by all as Paz Vega, but Alba went with them, convincing his father to pay him the ticket. The partner commented that it went very well and cut with Alba, and tied with Peace-tinged were only a few kisses.

Luis Rollan Shortly after he left the "cupboard" and on June 18, will marry his partner.

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