Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marriage of William and Kate Middleton: their wedding night

The ceremony ultra prepared and downright stressful? It was. The ball hosted by Prince Charles? We had doubts but it could be fun anyway. But then, spend the wedding night under the same roof as Meme: we say no! To those who believe (naively) that after the wedding, and spend a night in a beautiful and romantic place of dreams and enjoy, at least once in their life, a little privacy, we are sorry Utopia is a sweet ...

For the latest news, their first night's pair ranked, they will go to Buckingham Palace, not far from the bedroom granny Babeth II. A framework that they would probably gladly traded against a small star hotel. But no! Fortunately, all is not lost. The very next day, they will head to Corfu, Greece, where they will spend their honeymoon.

Accompanied by several bodyguards, they could then forget a little the royal family and ... relax!

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