Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teri Hatcher hit by a crippling disease

"I'm not trying to claim compassion or whatever, it could be much worse. But when it is no longer possible to do something like pick up her purse ... I can not wait either completed and that I can exercise myself like crazy as before, I miss it. " Without dramatizing the situation, Teri Hatcher has confessed during an interview, be suffering from a rare evil which handicaps in their daily activities.

It is a disease which freezes his shoulders "says that it causes pain and lost mobility in his shoulders. Over time, the damage gets worse can cause real serious loss of mobility. To combat the pain, Teri Hatcher's take cortisone but could not avoid the physical consequences: "My left arm does not work ...

I almost can not staple a bra," says the actress of 46 years. Even as Teri Hatcher is a very athletic woman taking care not to leave his body and the main tool being too influenced by the time this evil is a terrible misfortune, but seems to be fought since the star of Desperate Housewives speaks recovery sport.

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