Friday, April 22, 2011

Mel Gibson says on the tapes that have leaked

Mel Gibson wanted to comment on the tapes that were leaked to the press. In the same was not very good footing and the image offered was of a racist person, very uncompromising with homosexuals. The Australian has recognized that these films reflect a bad time in his life but for nothing defined as a person.

"It's one of the worst moments of my life is something you say to someone once in your life and remains forever etched as if it were a feature of your personality. That is not at all or what I think or how I am. Many people can talk about how I really am "said to Deadline Hollywood. "In my life I've been mistreated or discriminated against anyone based upon their sex, race or religion.

The tapes have been edited. I want to make is that I do not blame those who think I'm an idiot for listening to those tapes, but those who have leaked the knowledge that what you hear in them a lie. "

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