Friday, April 22, 2011

Will and Kate Middleton: Threat on marriage

Do not be surprised by Kate Middleton as she loses weight will be the center of the largest wedding ceremony of the new century! Married women can testify, is already stressful enough for an ordinary ceremony! While the Queen mother has to agree to their union as an ancestral tradition, those who are bristling at the mere mention of Royalty are preparing to wreak havoc.

There are nearly six months, the anarchist Chris Knight already announced its intention to mobilize troops to prevent access of princely husband at Westminster. No one knows if Chris will indeed its plans but the British police is there anyway to watch and she knows that the anarchist claim is far from being the most formidable for the big day Scotland Yard is concerned that the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William? Bystanders, in general.

"There is a choice between those who want to come forward and those who seek an international forum to talk about them" told Sky News Brian Paddick, a former senior police officer métropolinaine. Religious groups have also announced their inttention to demonstrate in the streets of London to the wedding date.

Of course, that Scotland Yard fears most is a terrorist attack even though all comes together to celebrate England's future king. But the agents already have a lot to do nothing but watch as the crowd around Westminster is always benevolent.

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