Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael C. Hall the hero of "Dexter" in film

After Six Feet Under and Dexter, Michael C. Hall continues to defy death, but this time at the cinema. According to the website Deadline, American actor, who plays the role of Dexter is currently in the eponymous TV series, will soon be headlining the film Love, Sex and Death. The film, which shooting is scheduled to begin next fall, will tell the story of a man (Michael C.

Hall) who organizes the funeral of his parents. But this is not easy when many individuals will disrupt the smooth functioning of its plans, the image of a goofy priest, employee Funeral unpleasant neighbors or at least strange. Even his wife and his son give him a hard time. The History of Love, Sex and Death is reminiscent of the series Six Feet Under, in which Michael C.

Hall camped a member of a family of undertakers completely dysfunctional. In Love, Sex and Death, Michael C. James Manos Jr. will find Hall, creator of Dexter. The director will sign here his first feature film while the actor held him, his first major film role. You do not change a winning team!

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