Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elton John will continue on in Las Vegas for 3 years

Sir Elton John is proving to be one of the biggest pop stars and so just signed a 3 years contract with Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to go ahead with their show The Million Dollar piano. It was April 2004 when Elton John started this show in Las Vegas and ended five years later. After a long tour that took him around the world will not hesitate to show wherever he called his great musical quality and take the opportunity to live a second youth.

It still remembers her concert at the Sant Jordi in Barcelona as one of the most brilliant of his European tour. Having had an adopted son, an act not without controversy, has re-signed with the said hotel a 3 year contract extension to continue providing his show in the city of the game.

The April 25 put on sale tickets for this new concert tour. The concerts begin on September 28 to 16 concerts that will end on October 23. Elton says that "Caesar's Palace is a perfect, idyllic, is a perfect place to play this type of concert. A great orgiastic festival with music and images.

The piano, Yamaha is doing, has cost $ 1 million and will be the perfect instrument to play live. " The review of the classics of his discography, the most visual artist, the show about the show and everything needed to enjoy an unforgettable evening with the soundtrack by Elton John will make this tour a true pleasure for the senses fortunate to attend these concerts.

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