Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy Emily Deschanel not necessarily "popular"

Difficult job as an actor and it's not Emily Deschanel who say otherwise. At 34 years old actress, whose baby is expected by the end of the year had not imagined that her pregnancy would have such consequences. The filming of Season 7 of Bones, global success, must normally start from the beginning of September, when hair cell Emily Deschanel enter the labor room and producers have learned that the brunt of this news.

In an announcement to the TV magazine Entertainment, producers of Bones have said they "did not think Emily Deschanel fall pregnant too quickly, so that his marriage took place a year ago." This is called a shock statement that the actress was quick to respond back by saying: "Bones is a series that has a lot to me and I make many sacrifices for this series, but I would never spend my life before my life.

" Amen! The law sets for the U.S. series that rarely see the interest of pregnancy success. About money? In any case, there are many actresses who can prove their rounds: Tina Fey in 30 Rock, or Marcia Cross, Bree Van de Kamp hilarious Desperate Housewives. The latter, pregnant with twins, had then come into conflict with Marc Cherry, the producer of the series, since the latter accused him of compromising the script writing ...

Not cool for Bree, who in addition to keeping the rest for quite some time. On his return to the alleys of Wisteria Lane, Bree Van De Kamp - Marcia Cross alias - is committed by contract to not get pregnant until it was united with the series. The price of regular work in an environment of sharks? Pregnancy is, in every way, a media event to death.

No doubt the producers get a fair deal as they are provided free of fallout ...

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