Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The series "30 Rock" recruits Condoleezza Rice!

Tired of politics, Condoleeza Rice? Former U.S. Secretary of State under the administration of George W. Bush will soon make his debut as an actress on television. And his first steps in the comedy, Condoleezza Rice chose one of the series most prestigious and recognized across the Atlantic: 30 Rock.

If the rumor involving Condoleezza Rice in 30 Rock runs from a few weeks ago, it was formalized this weekend by Tina Fey, creator and lead actress in the series, the columns in the Washington Post. In an episode that will air on NBC in a few weeks, the former Secretary of State will play its own role but will also (and this is where it gets interesting) an ex-girlfriend of Jack , the character played by Alec Baldwin.

It has repeatedly boasted that he had an affair with Condoleeza Rice and she will make him jealous by posing the arms of Vladimir Putin ...! Former Russian president will however not present in the episode. Next time perhaps!

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