Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ends the controversy between Kings of Leon and 'Glee'

It seems that the controversy between the group Kings of Leon and the creator of the hit series 'Glee', Ryan Murphy, has completed at least all the controversy created around them that has been full of insults since last January. The creator of the series now regrets the confrontation he had with the band members following the track 'Use Somebody', and the group's refusal to be included in the series of American fiction.

The band led by Caleb Followill rejected the use of it claiming that never appeared in the musical. Obviously the creator, Murphy, it did him no favor, if we consider that the issue is the most successful of King of Leon, for it began with a crossfire of insults that has not stopped until today.

"They're self-centered and have lost the north," said then, adding further that "where a child may begin to play a musical instrument after seeing the songs on Kings of Leon in the past." At first the group went to the provocations but over time, the drummer, Ryan Murphy, added fuel to the fire on Twitter.

"Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go. Go to a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra, "he said. Something that corresponded Murphy called a "homophobic." Finally a few days ago seems to have signed the peace pipe and was Followill which he stated that "no hard feelings" after Murphy gave the apology in a program: "I fully understand if artists do not want a standard or another artist touch her songs.

In fact, I respect it, "he said. Of course, the acknowledged leader of the band would experience a wonderful feeling the day "when you check Google alerts do not have to read anything about us associate with 'Glee'." And it seems that not all artists are willing to die to make a cameo in the series 'Glee' and must be respected.

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