Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stéphane Rotenberg "For Beijing Express, I'm not wearing makeup or"

Peking Express is not for fun and Indiana Jones on Sunday. If we knew the candidates were subjected to severe stress and sometimes difficult natural conditions, the shooting was not an easy nor for its charismatic leader, Stéphane Rotenberg. After spending time with tarantulas and other critters not really friendly, the moderator had to cope with living conditions sometimes limit.

And in these difficult conditions, the facilitators themselves are not spared. At a press conference dedicated to bloggers, Stéphane Rotenberg fell back on the set and its difficulties: "I am amazed because the girls always manage to make up before an important time of the shooting and washing.

They know that they will be seen by 4 million viewers, "said Stephane invited to a blogger as media reports the excellent blog A Different Perspective. And Stéphane Rotenberg explained: "I recognize that sometimes the return to the antenna is a little sore. But what I would look dressed up, headed to candidates who have just finished a stage?" For once, a leader is not afraid of his image ...

we can salute the courage of Stéphane Rotenberg!

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