Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kate Middleton: his parents had lunch with the Queen

The presentations were finally happened! While attending their little son William for many years, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were not considered appropriate to meet Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate's parents. A week before the wedding, and when he said that this little world that would meet on the day, the queen has finally decided to invite the parents of the pretty brunette with a lunch at Windsor Castle.

If it is not difficult to imagine the tenor of conversations - the wedding arrangements - the press has not had a lot of juicy details. The crown said the meeting was planned long without giving further details. A little thin ... But according to well informed, the meeting has been "". Remember that parents defray some costs associated with marriage.

There is talk of a euro note 675000, not less. It deserved a little finger food anyway!

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