Saturday, April 23, 2011

Between Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz, it's serious!

She has beautiful cry soon as you mention his recent divorce from Tony Parker (see news), but Eva Longoria still seems to have found balance in the arms of her new baby, the beautiful Eduardo Cruz. While the bomb Latina Desperate Housewives flirts with the younger brother of Penelope Cruz for two months, it looks like the two lovebirds are not ready to separate.

Recently, Eva Longoria said she had already moved in with her new baby (learn more) and according to a source close to the couple quoted by People magazine, the relationship between Eva and Eduardo is indeed "very serious". The couple spend more and more time together. This week, Eva and Eduardo have even traveled to Mexico to break free from the pressure of Hollywood.

After dinner with Mario Lopez Valdez, Governor of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, making a formal appearance as a couple, Eva and Eduardo took a plane to Cabo, where they would stay several days. And so far, their journey to love is going "wonderfully," says a loved People. "Things get really serious between Eva and Eduardo.

They are very happy." That's all the evil that their wishes.

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