Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charlie Sheen, you know the reasons why they did not have custody of their children

The divorce of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller later, and monumental binge have placed in the public eye in recent months. His tour as a stand-up comedian is giving many benefits but are now known data on which the judge denied him custody of their children. Hank Goldberg, the trial judge had a difficult situation to resolve.

On the one hand Mueller the strong addiction to all drugs, other addictions the same case for Sheen and actor comments on this circumstance. Finally, and reluctantly, the judge decided to give custody to the mother. In recent months, Sheen has urged the judge to change this sentence but his lordship has chosen to continue as is.

Even knowing that Mueller has had several problems with drugs in recent times, also seems proven that Sheen has few powers as a parent so it seems pretty clear to Goldberg. The judge knows that the couple's twins are protected by the sitters they have contracted Mueller Sheen but does not know anything.

Moreover, we bothered to go to one of its new pickups to the court. The serial continues to give material for a new season. Keep you informed.

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