Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The French and the movies: I love you, moi non plus!

Hard times for the French cinema? If Welcome To The Sticks has achieved the feat in 2008 to become the second highest box office history hexagonal little French film released this year have managed to penetrate the public. This is shown by an analysis published today in Le Parisien. The daily lists of French films released in recent weeks with the number of entries they have made.

At the outset, the finding is striking: the French public sulks his own movies. And even the presence of an attractive cast is not enough to gather a crowd. Catherine Deneuve, Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye have recently paid the price. The first with the eyes of my mother, a drama that has attracted only 200,000 viewers in theaters three weeks of operation, and the other two I have forgotten anything with a family drama that has fascinated that 150,000 spectators in a fortnight.

And these are not isolated cases. They are called Jose Garcia, Vincent Lindon, Jean-Pierre Bacri or Emmanuelle Bart, all have recently borne the brunt of this lack of love from the public despite a promotion yet achieved in the drum beating media. "Most of these films are not good" But then how to explain this phenomenon, which seems to spread like wildfire? Simply by the pitiful quality of the films, as a producer with Studio Canal, which is expressed in Le Parisien.

"Most of these films are not good," said the man, who wished to remain anonymous. "These films, including television made an incredible promotion, deserve what they get." However, Welcome to the Sticks was far from being a masterpiece of cinema. The same goes for Nothing to Declare, the latest film by Dany Boon released earlier this year, even though it has performed very well at the box office.

Another possible reason: the saturation of the public. Too many French films kills French film. After all, nothing better than a turnip American and a bowl of popcorn to clear the head!

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