Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rihanna appreciates very moderately the husband of Katy Perry!

Rihanna bad memories of his first meeting with Russell Brand. She thought it was just a stupid little interest! The singer from Barbados who is one of the best friends of the wife of Russell Brand, Katy Perry, said she had a bad feeling with the British comedian, when she first met . Two qualifiers returning him: sick and not funny at all! She says: "I met him first when he interviewed me for a TV show.

I 'was sick and it was the worst interview I had done. I vomited into a bucket and a doctor gave me injections in the buttock. I did not find it funny. She was even asked: "Why am I talking to this idiot? It makes me want to vomit again. Fortunately, Rihanna just changed his mind during his second encounter with the man who would become the husband of her best friend.

"We did another interview for MTV and I realized it was fun," she says. One understands better why Rihanna has found the excuse of being in the studio not to attend the wedding of Katy Perry and Russell Brand last October.

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