Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miley Cyrus and her mom Tish enjoy the joys of Ecuador! (Photos)

American singer, Miley Cyrus, arrived in South America on April 28 and more specifically in Ecuador, as part of his tour of Latin American land called "Corazon Gitano", but the young woman of 18 has not made the trip alone ... In fact, the interpreter of 'Can not Be Tamed' was paraded through the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, with his mom, moral support is always important when facing the stress! However, occur every day on stage before thousands of people in a different country, should be a source of some tension, adrenaline should not miss the young woman! Miley wanted to immortalize his presence in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (middle of the city in the world located at latitude zero) located about 20 km north of Quito.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton radiant on their wedding photos!

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, since the formalization of their union was celebrated yesterday morning with great pomp in Westminster Abbey in London, finally their wedding photos! The couple have been immortalized, yesterday in the throne room of Buckingham Palace after the religious ceremony took place under the very eyes of thousands of British subjects and tourists who attended the wedding of the century, especially the famous kiss the balcony, but also under the watchful eye and moved the 2 billion viewers watching TV charmed by so much beauty, refinement, and elegance.

Rihanna and Eva Mendes committed against leukemia

Rihanna and actress Eva Mendes have been seen before yesterday evening at a gala organized against the anti-cancer "The Fifth Annual DKMS Gala" held in the City of New York. The singer, 23, a native of Barbados made a splash by wearing a stunning black outfit that exposed her cleavage in value and luxurious jewelry brand Chopard jewelry luxury.

Eva, the 37 year old actress of Cuban descent, had set his sights on magnificent jewels of Cartier. Rihanna was honored during the evening for his involvement with the association DKMS whose goal is to find marrow donor and help patients suffering from leukemia in their healing process.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are now parents of twins

The song diva Mariah Carey has given birth to twins. The artist of 41 years and her husband Nick Cannon are already parents of a girl and a boy born Saturday morning in Los Angeles. It thought it was another false alarm when her husband took her to the hospital on Thursday night, however he soon realized that the birth was imminent.

Mariah you had to have a Caesarean section and the baby was born with 2,353 kg, while his brother weighed 2,438 kg. "Congratulations to Mariah and Nick on the day of the birth of babies. Mom, Dad and the babies are fine, "was published simultaneously in Facebook and Twitter profiles the artist.

Pippa Middleton, the main character of the royal wedding

As commented in Double Fashion, Pippa Middleton was spectacular model Bridesmaid Sarah Burton signed by Alexander McQueen. His forte was the simplicity of a dress that accentuated her figure and great natural beauty and many managed to tarnish his sister, Kate, who finally had to be after the protagonist of the link, as was the bride.

Neither seemed appropriate Pippa many who sported a white dress. But Pippa attracted many flashes and care for the millions of viewers who watched the wedding live. In DEC, their viewers voting on their website proclaimed as the most elegant of the link, but in my opinion that it was Victoria Beckham honor has encotraba his real strong in design.

Flavie Flament duets with Louis Bertignac

William and Kate: Where will they spend their honeymoon?

Britney Spears rehearsing for his concerts

Lady Gaga breaks down and cries in her documentary

The pop diva, Lady Gaga, whatever one may think of her and her career, is human and as such has its bajonazos and doubts. And although it is always news more for his performances or shows, this time recorded a documentary for HBO entitled "Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden" has drawn the weakest part of the singer.

In a preview of what can be seen on 7 May. Gaga shows a little known side of their fans or their little monsters as she is affectionately known as tearfully confesses that "sometimes I feel like a loser." You could say that the singer has exploded in the privacy of his dressing room has been stripped as ever and it has been found to be vulnerable and flesh.

Pippa Middleton's buttocks Unleashed crowds

Pippa Middleton she sought to upstage his sister? Kate's bridesmaid at her wedding with Prince William yesterday, Pippa has immediately caused a sensation, appearing at the ceremony in a sublime cut dress, much to the delight of his gentlemen. But the pretty face of Pippa is the only part of his anatomy that unleashes the crowds.

Since yesterday, these are also the butt of the young woman who created a buzz on the Internet. It all started when Pippa tumbled to Westminster Abbey with Kate. In bridesmaid who respects himself, the young woman was placed a few meters behind her sister, carrying her train. While the two women walked down the aisle, two billion viewers who followed the ceremony around the world were able to admire the back of Pippa.

The royal wedding followed by 10 million viewers

Even those who wanted to escape could not have. The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was on everyone's lips yesterday - and also on all the television screens. While the ceremony broadcast live from Westminster Abbey in London, was attended by no less than two billion viewers around the world, in France, nearly 10 million people who followed the union's future King of England.

Released at a time on TF1, France 2 and M6, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has attended an average of 9.4 million viewers, according to our colleagues of Pure Media. While the various channels covered the event from morning until midday, a peak audience of more than 15 million viewers has even been observed within minutes after 13h, shortly after the young married had left Westminster Abbey to go to Buckingham Palace, where they exchanged their first kiss as a married couple before a cheering crowd.

Nicole Richie is not pregnant and proves it!

If in France, you always wonder if Carla Bruni is pregnant, the Atlantic, we know for sure that Nicole Richie does not expect her third child. While some rumored for weeks that the daughter of Lionel Richie is pregnant, the former heroine of The Simple Life was shown in a bikini during a trip to Miami last Thursday.

And no signs of belly round to the Horizon Travels in the town of Florida to promote his clothing line Winter Kate, Nicole Richie has been offered a few hours of good times with friends, who decided to take a small bath sea after a tiring day to answer questions from journalists. And while the American press announced she is pregnant because for some time to dress wider than usual, the star of 29 years has cut short the rumors by posing with a sexy colorful bikini show her leaving much waist.

Uma Thurman turns men ... with Schweppes!

Belén Esteban and Deluxe Box, discovered the person behind the character

It often happens that people who are so exposed in the media created a character to prevent the person is exposed. Yesterday, as I watched Stephen Bethlehem Deluxe Box, I realized that Bethlehem, despite everything, still a neighborhood girl that we fear they have put in the window to get benefits from it.

Although their shapes and forms, manners and performance when defense leaves much to be desired, see her sitting in a box as she recalled various moments of his life meant that many change our view to see his defense. Bethlehem spoke very clearly and pointed out that if I had to go back to what it was, began working in a factory outlets, would not mind.

Carla Bruni remains silent in the face of rumors of pregnancy

Vanessa Hudgens: In Knocked job

It is far from the Vanessa Hudgens pink (and a bit cheesy) High School Musical. While she is currently on show at the fantastic movie Sucker Punch, the American actress of 22 years continues to expand his film repertoire and will soon play in Gimme Shelter, an indie drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vanessa Hudgens play the role of a pregnant teenager and beaten by his mother who fled her home to find her father, who disappeared after his birth.

Dr. Murray attempts to present new arguments in its defense

Dr. Murray no longer know what to do to leave the pit in which was immersed after being present in the room that Michael Jackson died. At the trial being held to clarify what happened, Murray has already tried several strategies to escape from jail but it seems that it will be hard to get it. The latest legal ploy that has come before the judge, according to TMZ, the DVD itself is called This is it.

(VIDEO) David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John ... The guests arrive.

1900 royal guests: it has shaken today at Westminster Abbey. Among the princes and princesses, some guests a little less noble but which recognizes the best face, like Elton John and his companion, David and Victoria Beckham, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean the actor) ... Read their arrival at royal wedding.

VIDEO: Find Pippa Middleton marriage of William and Kate

The queen of the day was Kate aka Princess Catherine since she has passed the ring on the finger by Prince William. But there's another pretty girl who pulled out of the game to mark the royal wedding ... Code name: Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate precisely. Dressed in a sumptuous white sheath dress, the younger sister of the new princess has been widely noted.

It is a true plebiscite who packed the entire planet for this beautiful brunette jusuq'ici very discreet. Find pictures of Pippa Middleton on video, and you also succumb to its charm ...

Friday, April 29, 2011

VIDEO: William and Kate say yes! The images ...

Not surprising that the ceremony has required many repetitions as the D-Day, every detail counts. Michael Middleton has agreed to give the hand of his daughter, Kate Middleton, Prince William this Friday, April 29, 2011, in Westminster Abbey. Find the solemn moment when the princely husband have sworn loyalty to the worst and the best!

VIDEO: Prince William's arrival at Westminster

Prince William had good speed in his uniform gleaming on his way to Westminster Abbey. The son of Lady Diana were both in the black Bentley, waving to the crowd gathered outside the venue of the ceremony. Long before the arrival of the bride, Prince William, named by his grandmother Duke of Cambridge, entered the holy place, ready to welcome its beautiful.

VIDEO: Find pictures of Kate Middleton's arrival at Westminster

At 11 hours, local time, at noon in France, the beautiful Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, has appeared before Westminster Abbey. Arriving aboard a Rolls Royce, she welcomed the crowd came to cheer before entering the building at his father's arms. Key moment in this April 29: the revelation of the wedding dress, created by Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen!

VIDEO: Relive the kiss of Prince William and Kate!

That's it: Prince William and Kate (now Princess Catherine) have said yes. Shortly after a pretty sober and moving ceremony celebrated at Westminster Abbey, the young couple have appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to meet a million people cheering. Surrounded by their family, Princess William and Princess Catherine welcomed the audience at length and eventually exchanged not one but two kisses love for the delight of spectators.

January Jones of Mad Men is expecting a happy event

Good news behind the scenes of Mad Men! The beautiful January Jones, who plays the character brilliantly Betty Draper, expecting a happy event. The arrival of the baby is expected in autumn ... It's his spokesman has confirmed the information, "January Jones is pleased to announce she is expecting her first child this fall.

And the least we can say is that he has surprised everyone. Since her breakup with Jason Sudeikis in January, we do not know her official boyfriend. People magazine tried to learn but the spokesman chose January kicked into touch, "She is determined to devote himself entirely to this new chapter in his life as a single mother.

Miranda Kerr: the ideal regime to keep the line

When one is modeling for Victoria's Secret, one must constantly be on top. Then, just three months after the birth of her little Flynn, nothing gained: Miranda Kerr has found the line! How? Greater discipline in a strict regime whose site Daily Record reveals the secrets. It does not really want but the result is there, and remember that Miranda was a student of nutrition in his early years.

Pippa Middleton: A very pretty bridesmaid

Justin Bieber soon to a movie with Mark Wahlberg

Here's some news that will please some fans of Mr. Justin Bieber! Full tour of My world tour, the young man would have been offered a script by actor and producer Mark Wahlberg. After the documentary Never say never - and if the project happen - we could once again be able to admire the pretty faces of young Justin film.

"Yes, Justin Bieber and I'll make a movie together. We stecklings and we do it with Paramount. We have launched the idea and we are in talks. Justin likes the idea and he sent me some videos of him. I think he is very talented. "Confirmed Mark in an interview for the site Vulture. It would be a drama about street basketball.

Photos: William and Kate kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Prince William and Kate wedding: the best pictures of the ceremony

Vanessa Hudgens, full of pep, did his shopping in family!

Vanessa Hudgens is currently experiencing the Zen attitude, she was seen beaming while shopping in Sherman Oaks, California last Thursday, April 28. The beautiful actress has been seen in the fantasy feature film "Sucker Punch" was joined by her younger sister Stella and her faithful mother Gina Shop for this meeting organized under the sun from the west coast ...

very close to its sis Vanessa was very affectionate, taking his little sister in her arms! Vanessa Hudgens, high fashion victim to the eternal, which aspires to create her own clothing collection, opted for a hippie-chic look with flared trousers hook, a fringed suede jacket brown, the platform shoes, and of course a collection of ethnic jewelry which she loves! The star who found success through its role in the Disney Channel series, "High School Musical" uses his free time to roam around the shops with your family in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Los Angeles! Celibacy has not weakened his good humor and desire to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

William and Kate wedding: guests arrive

Alicia Keys will soon be in Paris for a unique concert

Hurry, because there will be no room for everyone! Alicia Keys will soon be visiting France. Although its success is undeniable and she could have filled three times Bercy, she chose a room a little more intimate and plays the card of scarcity as it does give a representation of Piano & I A single night of songs and stories to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Songs in A Minor, his first album ....

Renee Zellweger associated with Tommy Hilfiger

His recent setbacks sentimental does not prevent him from thinking of others and to offer his image to a cause of great importance if we asked. Despite her recent breakup with actor Bradley Cooper - which saddens many - Renee Zellweger has responded to the call from Tommy Hilfiger. As every year since 2007, the American designer supports the association against breast cancer Breast Health International.

Pippa she would overshadow her sister Kate Middleton?

Is there a rivalry between Kate Middleton and her younger sister Pippa? Nothing is less certain! Kate Middleton has chosen her sister as maid of honor for her wedding with Prince William, but the bride had she expected that Pippa would have for the occasional sublime sheath dress in white! Few are invited to a marriage that dare to affront to wear white so as not to overshadow the bride.

However, it does not seem to have bothered to Pippa, she has focused on the more restrained simplicity by opting for a dress with no frou-frou, but satin like Kate Middleton, and especially a virgin color. Perhaps the two sisters have they chosen to symbolically make their respective dress in the same fabric? Unless Pippa Middleton has decided to get out of Prince Harry.

Richard Bohringer was burgled

It is a twist of fate that is never fun person. Knowing that strangers broke into your house, and broke into your apartment to capture memories and various objects which you hold is one of the most everyday things that can happen ... revolting This, according to Le Parisien, what happened to the actor Richard Bohringer the night of April 26 to 27.

Taking advantage of work in the building that houses the Sixth arrondissement apartment of the actor, burglars have visited it and stole several valuables. Richard Bohringer have complained the next day. It obviously does not know yet if a track is referred to find the burglars. One imagines his daughter Romane, he has always been very close, supports him.

Kate Middleton: the first pictures of a bride sublime

Jessica Simpson does not find her wedding dress

The first anxiety of a woman about to marry? This is not the guest list, or a meal, or the choice of the priest. No, anxiety is the dress! Jessica Simpson and discovers to his cost. About to be married to the former professional football player Eric Johnson - whom she is betrothed since last November - the pretty blonde claims to have found a date, but seems to lack inspiration for the meeting on D-Day That's what she told U.S.

The arrival of Prince William in uniform shiny!

Yes, it's the dress Kate Middleton is expected to experience forward in April 29. But the arrival of young Prince William is a particularly moving moment. Aboard a black Bentley, the son of Lady Diana, aged 28 appeared alongside his brother and a witness, Prince Harry. Then he saluted the crowd could see his white-gloved hand, but especially his beautiful red uniform, the most beautiful and rich clothes he could wear.

Kate Middleton marries model wearing a Sarah Burton

At last the secret is revealed and Catherine Middleton married a dress made by Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, named after the tragic death of the emblem of the British fashion world. Stepping off the car where he was with his father and godfather, Pippa's sister Kate, who was in charge of controlling the pages and little ladies of honor, held up the bride's dress while visiting Westminster Abbey until the altar.

Kate Middleton and her wedding dress: a creative mystery to her rescue?

One of the best kept secrets about the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one of THE wedding dress that will cover the bride. For weeks, rumors wildest run on the subject and the names of the greatest creators have been cited. But this morning, no information yet filtered n'avat ... Yet the British tabloid The Sun reported this morning that he saw a mysterious woman turn around Kate Middleton, in the Goring Hotel where the bride is preparing in secret.

The real wedding guests and their arrival at Westminster

A Westminster Abbey have been arriving guests at William and Kate bond gradually throughout the morning, by the way the couple has received the title of Duke of Cambridge. Among the most famous have been able to see David Beckham, a Ralph Lauren tuxedo, as attractive as always, wearing his badge of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and his wife Victoria, noticeably pregnant, but favored by this state who wore a model designed by herself in dark blue.

Kate Middleton: his last hours of commoner

Royal Wedding: Watch Victoria Beckham and David Beckham on their 31th!

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be held in a few tens of minutes and already their prestigious guests flock to find their place in Westminster Abbey. Among them, Rowan Atkinson, the famous Mr Bean, Sir Elton John and his companion and one of the hottest British couple of Plantet celebrities: David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

The footballer and his pregnant wife arrived in all sobriety and obviously dressed in their finest clothes. David Beckham for his part, played the card of the class male with a three-piece gray suit, a black vest, a shirt with high collar and a silver tie. For its part, Victoria Beckham, high priestess Bachelor fashion, chose a flowing dress of midnight blue and head ...

Morrissey against the marriage of Prince William

The former lead singer of The Smiths, Morrissey has chosen to comment on what you think of the royal wedding being held today. If in the course of their discography and the many interviews he has responded already knew something about his sense Republican, has now fully embroidered to give his opinion on the link to half the world is glued to the TV.

Speaking to BBC 4 said, "Why would you see the wedding on television? These people are not representing England and I think that England will not need them all. I believe that the only real family looking for their own benefit, just that. " Perhaps stronger but lighter can not say. "That family to me is nothing real but for the media itself and I wonder why.

Lady Gaga has accepted the invitation of X Factor

If the show is struggling to find its audience, it does not hurt to find headliners for its premiums. A few days ago, we announced the arrival on the set of X Factor - This is the fifth largest in Mass, May 17 - and today is another big name that is on the lips. Production would have indeed managed to win the jackpot by the person.

One imagines that the cap of the bottle of champagne in the office of the fly. The star will then enchant the ninth bonus, June 14, M6. As usual, she will certainly benefit the most memorable and it looks forward to discover his place .... For candidates who are no longer than four, they must arm themselves with their greatest composure to avoid being destabilized by the large Gaga and stay focused on the competition.

Kate Middleton will not be princess but duchess!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Certainly, in our hearts, Kate Middleton and William can not be that Prince and Princess, and probably live happily and make a lot of children, according to all logic. But the Queen of Angeleterre may otherwise agree. In fact, the royal couple will have several titles.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton is Earl and Countess of Strathearn, Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus. For William, the decree of such securities shall take effect immediately, while Kate will have to wait for the ring finger. "What's great about these choices the Queen is that she chose an English duchy, a county and a Scottish barony of Northern Ireland.

LIVE: The marriage of Kate Middleton and William live

It is to noon French time, which will begin the wedding ceremony of Kate Middleton and William of England. All England is emotions with 600,000 people expected on the path of the royal carriage to Westminster. But in France, they pretend indifference or that is addicted to royalty, it is sure to follow the unfolding of the ceremony and especially the first pictures of the dress Kate Middleton.

Robert Pattinson feel sorry for Kate Middleton

As a subject of Queen Elizabeth II who is Robert Pattinson is interested in the royal wedding which will occur within a few hours. The actor in the Twilight saga sympathy for the bride, but is convinced that life will be very hard for Kate when she gets married to Prince William, what makes you feel some regret for the young commoner.

Pattinson has to see the wedding on television and finds the link "fascinating" but he fears that Kate Middleton will be a difficult period ahead once is a member of the Royal Family. Speaking to British magazine Radio Times explained, "is going to be hard for her because people deposit liabilities in it that seem totally irrelevant.

Star Katie Holmes apologizes after its controversial cover

Star magazine has taken a big step for tabloid publications worldwide. While there is nothing better than having to repent of what you do wrong, the publication has requested a public apology to Holmes for the cover in asserting that Holmes was addicted to certain treatments of the Church of Scientology but this was suspected After reading the article inside, not the cover.

More than likely that the $ 50 million asking Tom Cruise's wife in their application have been used to "facilitate" the publication of the apology. It is now that the very direction of the magazine described as "unethical, wrong and unfair" to the very news that they brought to home and so gave them huge profits.

Kate Middleton decided to make up her own

In the photo above you can see Kate coming to the Goring hotel where he was dining with his entourage on Thursday night, her maiden last night. The girl has decided to disguise herself today in her wedding day, but last-minute surprise. Middleton has received several private lessons at the hands of a famous makeup artist and is confident of doing it herself.

Kate Middleton has been taking lessons from London as a sought-after makeup artist had the wedding planner Kate, Mark Niemierko to People: "I heard that Arabella Preston was called by a mutual friend of her and Kate to give him some private lessons his apartment in Chelsea and Clarence House.

Queen Sophia and the Princes of Asturias attended a dinner hosted by Isabel II

Queen Elizabeth II was host Thursday evening a dinner before the wedding of his grandson William in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, owned by the royal family of UAE. The guests were members of the Royal Houses who will attend the ceremony tomorrow, on behalf of Spain and Queen Sofia came the princes of Asturias.

Meanwhile, William and his bride have decided to live his last hours of bachelorhood with his relatives, in an intimate dinner, each separately, he at Clarence House and she in the Goring hotel. Elizabeth II, dressed in blue and silver, with her husband Duke of Edinburgh received nearly 60 heads of state were also accompanied by some 40 members of the British Royal family.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jenifer: abandoned by his public

What happens to Jenifer? Would she have confused his public with a more focused album than his previous electro pop melodies sweet? In any case, it is a blow to the pretty brunette. The press has not shown very tender to the release of his album in late 2010 and Jenifer had to justify himself before ensuring it was all she wanted to do, regardless of trends.

Ordinarily, it is a good way. But here, the sales of her album Call me Jen have not been rewarded, struggling to reach 50,000. Despite its price in the last NRJ Music Awards, singer, former winner of Star Academy in beautiful progression, will be hard pressed to continue his tour, which extends until November 2011.

Kate Middleton: his last night before being a princess

In consequence of his sumptuous palace in London, Kate Middleton will dream to his Prince and his future princess. Before walking down the aisle on the arm of her father Michael, before pronouncing his vows in front of the whole England before joining Buckingham Palace and the 1900 guests of her marriage, Kate Middleton must wait another night alone , away from its promise.

Obviously, when you have a suite reserved at the hotel Goring, there are worse situations. Especially since Kate is not expected to spend the night quite lonely because his family will also be housed in the palace, having booked 71 rooms of the hotel. Until the Prince William gave him the ring finger, the beautiful commoner has a right to a night of princess, her room is a sequel to 5,600 euros a night, lavishly decorated, statues and chairs antique, bed canopy of velvet sofas and ...

Robert Pattinson complained the future princess Kate Middleton!

British actor Robert Pattinson, think Kade Middleton, who is to marry Prince William tomorrow to England, during a lavish ceremony to be attended by more than 2 billion viewers may know the disadvantages of being a member of the royal family rather quickly! As such, he shows compassion with the future princess and wish him courage for the years to come! Kate Middleton says 'yes' tomorrow, the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, in Westminster Abbey during a ceremony like clockwork to music after a romantic relationship a decade, and the protagonist of "Twilight" said he felt great sympathy for Kate because of the pressure that it will endure as a member of the royal family! Robert Pattinson who is currently promoting his latest film "Water for Elephants" said "It will be difficult for her, people will be assigned responsibilities which may seem insignificant.

Megan Fox wants to erase the traces of the past!

Megan Fox, who has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe's face on his right forearm, would make it disappear if one believes FemaleFirst. The more observant may have noticed that the tattoo of the star of 24 years appears to diminish gradually. During a recent ceremony, the actress from "Transformers", has appeared alongside her husband, Brian Austin Green, with a tattoo that looked much paler than before! Megan Fox, who has not less than eight tattoos on his body, had explained his choice of having a tattoo the face of Hollywood sex symbol on her arm.

Demi Lovato will be the maid of honor ... Tiffany Thornton!

The beautiful Demi Lovato just learned a very good news, the young woman was chosen as bridesmaid for the wedding of one of his best friends ... who is none other than actress Tiffany Thornton! Yes, his partner in the Disney Channel series, "Sonny with a Chance", the two actresses have become very good friends in 2009 when they started shooting in the series that made them succeed! Half therefore accompany Tiffany to the altar so that it can live the happiest moment of his existence by saying 'yes' to that her fiance for a year! It is the bride in person who announced his choice to live this special moment with the actress from "Camp Rock" during an interview with People magazine "Half will be one of my bridesmaids.

Autopsy Marie-France Pisier: alcohol and drugs found

4 days after the announcement of the death of Marie-France Pisier, we know a little more causes of death of the actress. Having missed the beginning of the investigation, the suicide theory seems increasingly favored by investigators who are unwilling, however, at this stage to deliver a final version.

Toxicology tests on his body reveal a "significant alcohol and drug presence in therapeutic doses. Consequence of this use of alcohol and drugs, decreased alertness and reduced responsiveness of reflexes "reveals a source close to the matter." Which might suggest an accident, the actress falling in the pool while that it was under construction.

Lady GaGa proves once again generous... and not discrete!

Lady GaGa, the multimillionaire singer, bought again a good conscience by making a donation to a charity that helps homeless youth in New York. One can certainly applaud the wonderful gesture of the singer, but also regret the marketing side of the process! The star who joined the leaders of the Robin Hood Foundation, has asked his fans to vote for one of five organizations most deserving to receive this gift, in a poll on his Facebook page.

Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe would have more skin!

Megan Fox, who has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe's face on his right forearm, would make it disappear if one believes FemaleFirst. The more observant may have noticed that the tattoo of the star of 24 years appears to diminish gradually. During a recent ceremony, the actress from "Transformers", has appeared alongside her husband, Brian Austin Green, with a tattoo that looked much paler than before! Megan Fox, who has not less than eight tattoos on his body, had explained his choice of having a tattoo the face of Hollywood sex symbol on her arm.

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz couple? It is confirmed!

After her divorce from Tony Parker, Eva Longoria beautiful seems to have found love with Eduardo Cruz. The actress and the younger brother of Penelope Cruz, who were seen together several times in recent months, would live to an even more serious. The star of the hit series "Desperate Housewives" and her new boyfriend are currently on vacation in Mexico with some friends for a week.

The couple would have relaxed Latin on the beautiful beach of Mazatlan before meeting and dinner with the Governor of the State of Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez. They then headed to Cabo San Luca, where they must stay for a few days. Programme: swimsuit, sun and relaxation! According to one source, the trip between the two lovebirds are going great! "Things are becoming increasingly serious between Eva and Eduardo.

Marriage of William and Kate Middleton: D-Day Program

A royal wedding in total improvisation, it would be funny ... But to avoid the Queen Mother and Kate Middleton infarction came April 29, a timed program was organized. Here are the basics. 10.10am: Prince William and his brother Harry leave Clarence House in Bentley and arrive 5 minutes later at Westminster Abbey.

From 10.20am to 10.38am: The Royal Family members leave Buckingham Palace The Goring Hotel for the Middleton family and go to Westminster Abbey in small groups timed (we save you some details of transport-logistic). 10.40am: The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace to Westminster. 10.48am: The bridesmaids leave the Goring Hotel in Westminster.

Samy Naceri sentenced to 5 years in prison

The verdict is out. Samy Naceri has been sentenced to five years in prison, no parole for sixteen months - in a dispute with his former girlfriend - shot in the throat with a knife, a friend called for help by the latter. The man had to be hospitalized. The fact date back to 2009. Having already served part of his sentence in custody and receiving a suspended sentence of three years and eight months, the player should not return to prison.

Hugh Grant would no longer make a heart

Among unmarried impossible to cram for good, there is George Clooney - even if his story sounds very serious Elisabetta Canalis - and there a. .. Hugh Grant! We despair for several years, we want to see love. At 50, you feel it is time for him to find a soul mate and we are ready to devote themselves if necessary ...

But apart from its history with Liz Hurley and her passion for three years with Jemima Khan, we have not seen great things in recent years. Until today. Because according to News of the World, he would live a nice story with some Tinglan Hong. The couple was photographed in the streets of London a few days ago and a log source revealed: "Hugh and Ting are getting closer for months.

Letizia Ortiz Felipe Varela trust for William and Kate wedding

London is all set for royal wedding of William of Wales and Catherine Middleton to be held tomorrow at Westminster Abbey. Queen Sophia and the Princes of Asturias, Felipe de Borbon and Letizia Ortiz will represent the Spanish monarchy in this link. It was envisaged that the three arrived in the capital of the United Kingdom today around noon.

We know that Letizia will opt for Felipe Varela as it has done on other occasions. In the picture you can see the model that made the designer for the 60th birthday of Prince Charles and reused on the occasion of the gala dinner offered by the Sheikh of Qatar and his wife. Moreover, in recent months, wore dresses by this designer at the wedding of Nicholas of Greece and Victoria of Sweden.

"Love, Sex and Death": Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Twilight A

Attention Twilight comes out in 7 months, red alert, it is already time that the film makes the cover of magazines. In any case, what thought the writing of Entertainment Weekly who knows how to entice the viewer future: on one hand the werewolf Taylor Lautner in a nice little t-shirt wrap, on the other, the torque-Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart aka Bella and Edward.

Do not forget the crucial words "Love, sex, death and infant very strange." For the most sexually frank restraint is the best publicity in case some fans missed the flight images showing the antics of the two heroes. The director of Twilight: Revelation talks about the key scene of the film: "This is one of the most anticipated scenes.

Christophe Willem apologize for having offended the public

He went too far and apologized. This is the message that wants to go after her reaction - at least surprising - on Tuesday night. At the announcement of the elimination of Cecilia issue, the juror exclaimed: Strengths, such remarks were offensive to some ... But Chris wanted to make things clear. Once the pressure of the prime fallout, he agreed to answer the question of the site puremedia.

com. he said. To err is human and the usual rants in a TV-hook. The public will no doubt forgive him ...