Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse had not used drugs the day of his death

Amy Winehouse had not used drugs the day he was found dead at his home. As impressive information has been published by TMZ, and hereby confirmed by the family of the singer in recent times. The family takes weeks, saying that Amy was off drugs and clean. Similarly felt that Amy had not taken illegal substances but who had drunk at that time did not know the final outcome of toxicology, but with the same power it seems clear ... or complicated.

From toxicological point out that "After the completion of toxicology tests will not say that Amy Winehouse had used drugs the day of his death. Yes it is clear that the deceased had been drinking alcohol. We can not report on the effect of it in his death if there is any relationship between the two events."

The family has commented that "The entire family of Amy Winehouse wants to thank both the police and the coroner have continued investigating the death of our daughter and have issued the earlier statement. We are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation is expected in October."

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