Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katy Perry is a record holder sighted!

Katy Perry, Russell Brand, would feel they finally ready to start a family? One thing is certain, the couple is preparing to make improvements in their homes to accommodate their future offspring! The two stars, who married last year in India, have repeatedly expressed their wish to start a family. Apparently, the couple seems determined to go into action soon, if we dare say.

A source close to the performer of "Teenage Dream" and the British actor has revealed that they would soon adapt their villa in Los Angeles so they can raise children in the best conditions. It would even be expected that Russell Brand's mother moved into one of the seven rooms of the house to help prospective parents to care for children.

The source said: "I am sure that Russell wants his mother Barbara moved into their new home in Los Angeles for six months. So if they have children, it will be close to them for help. "Katy Perry and Russell Brand could be good news in the coming months, especially since the actor is eager to become a father.

Another source said: "Russell's friends say he really wants to start a family and it now appears that Katy agrees. I heard they plan to have a child before mid-2012. "For now Katy Perry prefers to concentrate on his career which is at the top! She became the first female performer and the second artist to record five singles from the same album in the first place on the Billboard Hot 100.

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