Thursday, August 25, 2011

Justin Bieber wants return to Canada to raise her children

The pop star 16 years would she have a little bit of blues, a need for homecoming? His desire to start a family on Canadian soil leaves dawn desires of calm and normal life, away from the Biebermania. "Now that I'm here, I sometimes think I would just go home and relax. But if I was home, I'll dream of being where I am, "said Justin Bieber on the U.S. site TMZ. The star and boyfriend Selena Gomez is aware of the enormity of what he saw and envisions a future in a different world. Justin Bieber think probably continue later a house in Los Angeles but live mostly at home, in Canada, particularly to raise her children. Small rejection of wild America? "I do not know.

I am Canadian, I feel the urge my children to be Canadians." In fact, if Justin Bieber was exported to the point that many do not know that it is not American, baby-singer knows that the rating of sympathy US abroad is relative and takes to his roots: "If traveling through the world with a sticker on your bag Canada, people will be nicer, "said Bieber.

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