Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ricky Martin: "Women are always trying to put me in bed!"

"I have a boyfriend and two son, but women are still trying to put me in bed. They tell me great things, very erotic about what they want me to do, which is very nice but I do 'm not interested. " Poor Ricky Martin, overcome by the fairer sex, asphyxia by his own sex appeal. The singer of A, dos, tres much crack is still working girls and maybe even its old fans, not diverted by the revelation of his sexual orientation.

Like what, Ricky Martin was not so much to worry about losing the public by explaining that he loved the boys! Despite highly motivated fans, the singer, 39, new face of MAC cosmetics, lives an idyllic story with her boyfriend Carlos. The difificultés a long-distance relationship does not frighten them.

Indeed, while Carlos lives in Puerto Rico and Ricky is in Miami with his son, they do not spend more than 10 consecutive days away from each other and "[run] happy days." "When it was introduced, I thought it was not the right time. I took care of my family already and I thought being alone with my babies.

But suddenly, it was like out of nowhere" . With small romantic declarations of this kind, in fact, Ricky Martin will not bring down her sex appeal, with the male as female ...

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