Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston plans to marry and have a baby with Justin Theroux

After about four months into the relationship, the publication U.S. Weekly claims that Jennifer Aniston was thinking about getting married and having a child with Justin Theroux. It seems that his feelings for the Canadian, not felt since she met Brad Pitt. We know the latest stories from her marriage to him and how he discovered he had fallen in love with Angelina Jolie, who at that time if he was very willing to have a large family with the handsome actor, something that Jennifer left behind putting his career.

But time passes and now 42 years, the priorities for the star of Friends are different. The couple has escaped from vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, a vacation that will have cost $ 7000 each day. There have enjoyed coconuts, cocktails and yoga outdoors. Recall that 40 years Justin Theroux met yesterday and this trip will be holding this course date.

"They have spoken at length about marrying and raising a family," says an informant close to the couple. "She is eager to move to the next phase of his life and feels that now is the time." In the past, the actress was raised being a single mother, adopt, and even spoke of sperm that he would ask his fellow Friends, David Schwimmer.

Justin Theroux seems to agree with the idea of having a child and both want this to happen soon. "Jen has not felt like this from Brad," had a friend. "It's all very fast, but they know that their feelings for one another is different from other relationships," said another friend. The actor has managed to overcome their insecurities Jennifer.

Since the break with Pitt in 2005 for his life and others have passed Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and Gerard Butler.

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