Monday, August 29, 2011

Beyonce announces her pregnancy on the MTV Awards

Although from the March report of pregnancy will come from the singer, with several rumors about what happened, is now fully confirmed. The singer herself took the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards to confirm she is pregnant. Back in October 2010 was published this news but now, to be confirmed officially by the artist, yes we can rejoice that happy event.

"My idea is to be mother and my job is only part of my life and not vice versa. I love being a mother and devote myself entirely to take care of my children. So I decided to stop for a while my career because although I had to turn down great deals I was away from my family. I could not enjoy my nephews, my sisters, my friends and that was not positive for me, "declared the young In Style a few weeks ago.

His marriage seems to be fine. Married since 2008 with Jay Z just have problems or scandals. The desire to be mother of the young man was a recurrent theme in his latest interviews. It is expected that his musical career suffered a hiatus, of course, but it ends abruptly.

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