Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rebecca Black leaves school because of bullying

The emergence of Rebecca Black in the world of YouTube Friday, song and among the celebrities left many with their mouths open. Its theme has been imitated Friday endlessly and often ridiculed. However, this pressure to the young, 13, has come to his school where the pressure has become so unbearable that has to stop.

During an interview on ABC Primetime Nightline, Black said that bullying towards her had gotten worse lately and that his mother had decided to teach her daughter at home. A common practice in the United States and a system that followed stars like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato also had their problems at school.

Rebecca told her classmates teased her by asking what day it was and that imitated the song sang in a nasal voice. "It's tough to school when you are so famous and having the kids constantly making jokes about what is happening," he told. Obviously not free to leave school to Rebecca for the horrible comments and death threats he receives each day, but you will overcome them.

"I've had many experiences that I did not like at all," he claimed. "I think if I had to deal with this in the past, then I would have put it differently and would have sunk, but I learned that you can not let this affect you," he confessed. She won last Sunday night a Teen Choice Award 2011 to fenónemo Choice Internet web-star.

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