Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amy Winehouse: her home broken into, personal belongings stolen

Amy Winehouse's family is upset. Mitch, Amy Winehouse's father himself had distributed to fans some clothes for her daughter. But this did not prevent burglars look for something else among the personal effects of the star in his London home. So far, twenty people were able to enter the scene of the tragedy after police found the death of the singer's Back to Black.

The father and former boyfriend of Amy Winehouse, Reg Traviss, must now tackle the inventory to see exactly what was stolen. Two text books have been officially reported stolen. "It's such a shock, it is disgusting for the family said near the Sun. That someone has had an attitude so low ...

They can not believe it." Amy Winehouse's father reported that the thief can return the stolen property before the case is not complicated. Favorite instruments, texts for his third album ... The booty is important in relation to the artistic legacy of the singer and Mitch Winehouse hopes that all texts have actually been photocopied before their disappearance.

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