Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, her relationship after the scandal of paternity

Salma Hayek was living a dream. His marriage to Pinault was what had always had in mind. Money, travel, life without problems and good social image has never been short ... until last week. Linda Evangelista, the legendary model, stating that Pinault was the father of her son and Wonderland became nightmares.

She felt betrayed and was about to end their marriage but endured. What has not withstood that Evangelista is going to ask her husband $ 46,000 per month as child support they had. The breed of Mexico has been present and sources close to the actress say that "She is mad because he understands that the amount requested Evangelista is indecent.

Everything seems a vengeance Evangelista because Pinault Salma chose and not her. Salma wants to tear out his eyes. " Linda Evangelista commented that the child's expenses amount to $ 600,000 per year as it has to pay a nanny for 24 hours a day, a driver and various expenses but can not afford that, according to the model would improve quality of life of their child.

Although we know that Linda has a fortune of some $ 8 million is nothing compared to the fortune of Pinault, 11 and a half billion dollars, which, if convicted at trial, would become the man who has paid more money for the maintenance of a child of the story. Keep you informed.

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