Monday, August 29, 2011

Back honeymoon for Kim Kardashian!

How far will their fairy tale? At infinity, if we believe the happiness live for several months Kim Kardashian and her husband Kris Humphries. A romance that has gained momentum last August 20, when the lovers have said "yes" to life in front of 450 guests at a lavish wedding in California. The couple then flew to a honeymoon in Europe to discover the delights of the old continent ...

What's more romantic than Paris for young couple? Indeed, Kim Kardashian, we must now call Kim Kardashian Humphries, spent quality time with her boyfriend in our charming city before you settle down in Italy where she could live to the rhythm of the Italian dolce vita, including Capri and Naples.

Honeymoon Express, which lasted five days only because the lovers have a busy schedule. Indeed, Kim was essential to attend the MTV VMA's, and their next step will take them to New York where they will visit some friends could not attend their royal wedding! Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries enjoyed their honeymoon, but are glad to be back home to believe their different messages on Twitter.

"Back in the States, I am happy to be home." exclaimed the beautiful brunette. Welcome home!

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