Friday, August 12, 2011

Kristen Stewart under police protection during the riots in London

London in full riot, life is complicated for everyone in the British capital. So we learned yesterday that the family of Brad Pitt spun in the United States, leaving the actor on the set, it is now also news of shooting on the outskirts of London. The actress plays Snow White in the expected adaptation of the tale where the infamous mother-in will be embodied.

In this new version, entitled (Snow White and the Hunter), the heroine tries to overcome his stepmother with the help of the hunter in charge behind the killing. Any two will lead the quest valiantly, the hunter is embodied by the muscular Chris Hemworth (). When does one discover this beautiful story? Maybe in 2012, especially if the shoot can continue as normal.

To protect the two actors at the time of the riots that put London in a mess, a half-dozen police officers were mobilized by the production. According to the website, the filming would be arrested. In danger? Probably not this time, the shooting was not even in London, ensuring the production of its valuable players such as the apple of his eye.

According to the film would not really be affected by the riots and psychosis would be exaggerating.

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