Thursday, August 25, 2011

People publishes exclusive photoes of Kim Kardashian wedding

Kim Kardashian's Wedding is on track to become a goldmine for both television E! and People magazine. Despite having paid nearly a million and half dollars for the photos, we are confident they will recover that money and even have benefits. The magazine cited not only photos but also the first words of Kim Kardashian after her wedding.

Pretty girl says "It's like we're in heaven" and Kris Humphries, the husband states that "I will never forget how perfect was it." Sharon Sacks, organizer of the link also says that "Kim wanted everything to be a mix between classic and modern. The balance was just right. The decor was all black and white as these colors are your favorites.

Hollywood had a wedding and the seriousness required for such an important time. " Kim comments on her dress, Vera Wang, "I felt like a princess but apart from all the glitz and the attention of the guests was most important, the union of two families."

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