Monday, August 22, 2011

Demi Lovato runs on Red Bull, a good way to keep until the end of the night!

Demi Lovato who celebrated his 20th birthday last Aug. 20, was seen leaving the Pinz Bowling after enjoying a relaxing evening with friends Friday night. The young actress and singer did not hesitate to join that party after a 7-Eleven store to stock up on Red Bull drinks light, a priori the night had to be long in this festive evening! For this trip with friends, the interpreter of "Skyscraper" opted for a denim shorts, a beige top that hinted at the sexy, and of course the indispensable high heels to extend and refine the silhouette she wore in her hand a keel scrawled messages, probably nice to his friends messages on the occasion of his birthday.

Yesterday morning was half again immortalized in the streets of the City of Angels, on her way to the pharmacy with a friend, the young woman is likely to follow treatment to stabilize his behavior following his recent health problems, to unless she is full of products other ... It was anyway a very full bag in hand.

Anyway, for this stroll, the brunette opted for a T-shirt decorated with characters from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a nice nod to the heyday of Disney Channel in which she played the role of Sonny in Munroe Series "Sonny with a Chance" or that of Mitchie Torres in the movie "High School Musical."

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