Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady GaGa and Jean Paul Gaultier will shock the puritanical America in September!

The singer Robbie Williams and designer Jean Paul Gaultier will again create the controversy, there's no doubt! The interpreter of "Judas" and the French designer met as part of a documentary "by Gaultier GaGa" in which the designer plays the journalists he interviewed the extravagant artist for this film to be aired on U.S.

CW September 12 the United States. The film has already aired in France on June 9 and is about to be in other countries and the least we can say is that the genius of Haute Couture and the new diva of Pop did not in the lace.

On the images broadcast overseas to promote the documentary, we see Robbie Williams dressed as a nun, her face painted in a squatting position clear to his prayer, Mr. Gaultier, and behind him filing a slap on the posterior with smiling faces! So shocking was it like to say ... A taste of the scandal is reminiscent of another singer, you think obviously the queen of pop Madonna, inexhaustible source of inspiration, which often abused religion to to revolutionize the customs.

Gaultier and Madonna have also had many opportunities to work, he was including the designer of the star during his tour Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. Like Madonna, Robbie Williams is said to be a devout Catholic, not sure if these pictures show the faith of the flawless young lady? Additionally, this provocative blasphemous is not it a little stale? Many artists have done this many times, after all the video "Judas" was that "Like a Prayer" with 22 years behind! The result is always the same, believers feel offended, as to others they no longer see any form of bias but rather a bold artistic provocation that easy as a sense of deja vu! Robbie Williams may well have success, we still feel it is next to the plate, and it offers us a rehash bland ...

The documentary evokes the personal journey of the phenomenon GaGa, and his relationship with his she named her fans affectionately "monsters". A riot of look as eccentric as each other and verbal ramblings: "I have this strange feeling that if I sleep with someone, it will absorb my creativity through my vagina.

Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability (...) sex is a source of love and nothing else, "she said is also remembered for his recent interview in the newspaper 20h de France 2, where she had justified wearing her dress in "raw meat" presenter David Pujadas by the fact that she wanted to defend gay rights! Even after several viewings, it still does not see the connection between the wearing of carpaccio and fight for the rights gays and lesbians! Lady GaGa is not without talent but want to do too much, and too much give, it is likely to be quickly satisfied ...

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