Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salma Hayek is proud of his chest ... but not only that

The voluptuous Salma Hayek on the cover of Allure magazine in September 2011. The actress posed for a series of glamorous shots of each other through the lens of Mario Testino, Peruvian fashion photographer snapped up all the stars! The star, who lends his voice in the animated film "Puss in Boots", also gives an interview to the magazine where she discusses such topics as her sexy image and her life of luxury!

Asked about the favorite part of her body despite the passage of time, she says, "My breasts, they are not bad at all, frankly I'm not complaining. "The pretty brunette does not see age as a barrier to sex appeal in women, she says," As a woman, you should be more comfortable with your sexuality to quarantine.

At this age you are more sure of yourself ... and it should be. If you are a girl and you can not walk in heels, do not worry, you are beautiful anyway. If you move like a bird, it will not be sexy. "Regarding the sexy image it projects, she said," When I started my career, I thought I should play the role of a sexy Latin girl hope to conquer Hollywood. I've never dressed that way in Mexico. "

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