Friday, August 26, 2011

Natalie Portman the fine points back of his nose to the Big Apple

Since the birth of her first child, named Aleph, June 14, Natalie Portman has been rather quiet. Furthermore, no photo of her little boy was withheld temporarily in the press. However, the Oscar winner was spotted twice on Monday (August 22) in the streets of New York. The woman was first photographed, dressed casually and smiling, walking slowly around Manhattan, with his faithful four-legged friend.

A little later in the day, the star of "Black Swan" had traded his jogging down to a combi-blue shorts, sandals and sunglasses are essential to star ... Unfortunately, it was unable to escape again objectives of the paparazzi. To see the photos, the young woman quickly recovered to pre-pregnancy, and in less than two months ...

but how are they our beloved celebrities? Add that Natalie Portman is approached to play the lead role in an upcoming independent film entitled "Adaline". The pitch: A woman Adaline, born in the twentieth century, continues to age after an accident. She spent her life alone until she meets a man she would be willing to give up his immortality.

The young mother has recently revealed that she ran better than before fame: "I tend to be too self-critical and it took me a while to escape this kind of attitude can be negative. You prepare to be constantly judged and criticized. I tried to stop thinking about that. Now I'm finally ready to try different things and to be much bolder."

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