Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Princess Charlene and control over the Prince Albert of Monaco

The wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco Charlenne Wittstock was one of the most talked about events at the time. The alleged marriage agreement that should last five years he was joined by the sadness of the bride during the ceremony and the rumors circulating in the principality on the licentious Prince nightlife.

Over time it appears that Wittstock has chosen to react. Instead of opting for silence and tears in his bedroom in the palace has taken the teeth and has forbidden her husband and see their former partners. The ban directly affects the flight attendant Nicole Coste, mother of the third son of Albert.

It was the very Charlenne which has been removed from the list of the dance of the Red Cross to cost despite being the mother of six year old son of Albert of Monaco. His idea, according to The Mail, "is to avoid any kind of privilege to Coste. Last year we had to endure their presence in that dance but this year it possible.

" This decision will be accepted because the couple has to enforce the agreement that have been imposed. Wittstock In five years should have a son Alberto as otherwise would be Caroline of Monaco and his spouse or child who occupy legitimate office.

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