Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joe Jonas celebrated his 22 birthday in Las Vegas

Joe Jonas, the middle of the Jonas Brothers, today met August 15, 22 years, but the young man ahead your birthday last Saturday and celebrated in Las Vegas in style. The boy caused a sensation when passing the afternoon at the Liquid Lounge Pool in a VIP area. "The fans surrounded the area, trying to see Joe in a swimsuit," a source told People.

Then the boy and his friends, went to the Bellagio hotel where they were invited by Akira Back, the chef of Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge. After dinner, Jonas and his colleagues made a quick stop to Deuce Lounge, where they played blackjack and where another crowd gathered. "Joe was surrounded by about 20 girls who were dying because they sign an autograph or take a picture with him," said a source.

"After signing a few autographs and chat with fans, Joe went to the nightclub where he played some songs Haze of his first solo album FastLife. "It's an album of maturity," the singer told the event. "I want to present it to people my age or older," he added. The performance ended on 2.30.

A witness claims that he was talking with a few pretty girls and also received a birthday cake. It also ensures that the young man she loved being surrounded by his female fans. Soon Joe Jonas accompany Britney Spears as the opening act on their European tour with Femme Fatale, something that makes you special pleasure because it has always been fan of the singer.

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