Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gérard Depardieu urines on a plane

Right now, Gérard Depardieu turns the fourth film adaptation of Asterix and Obelix, where he will resume again on the big Gallic outfit that we love so much. And when he went to Ireland to join the board, the legendary French actor, seized the urge, would have urinated in front of everyone, just before takeoff.

Indeed, the flight attendant would have denied access to the bathroom, for obvious reasons of security. However, Gerard Depardieu could not wait and instead run in a small bottle of water, putting a little bit on the side. Everyone wonders if the actor was drunk or if he simply could not avoid the call of nature ...

According to some accounts, Gerard Depardieu was actually under the influence of alcohol. But Edouard Baer, who plays Asterix and accompanied him during the flight, it was not the case. If it was a relief on the plane, Gerard Depardieu had indeed his whole head, "Gerard wanted to go to the bathroom, he was denied access, it was not far off of, so he urinated in front of everyone.

I gave him a small bottle of water. I found this solution, I had this mini-bottle of Evian with me. Just the bottle was too small, then it is true that it overflowed. He was embarrassed, he wanted to clean. It was very embarrassing and humiliating for him".

"Since this case, the foreign media go wild against Gérard Depardieu by being indignant or mocking the French. The opposite of the company CityJet, who said on Twitter that "all aircraft are fully equipped for toilets."

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