Thursday, August 11, 2011

A remake for "Bewitched"

Really, it's very to do a remake! New target for CBS: Bewitched! A remake is on its way, the chain has ordered a script and would put the series up to date. Elizabeth Montgomery embodied in the 60's Samantha, a young witch married to a mortal, Jean-Pierre (Dick Sargent and Dick York). Bewitched has become a cult hit, thanks also to the mother of Samantha, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), witch mischievous and always ready to wreak havoc in the life of his daughter.

The series was a huge success, both in the United States in the hex where the series was broadcast on M6 in 1966, not surprising that the chain wants to repeat the feat. A remake of Bewitched had gone to the cinema in 2005 with Nicole Kidman in the role of Samantha, but has not won a success, the film failing to regain what had been the success of the series.

So we have to find someone other than Nicole Kidman to interpret the movement of malicious witch magic nose. Hopefully the project will attract more crowds and to offer us a convincing Samantha. A little patience, however, if the project proceeds it will not be on your screens until 2013 or 2014.

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