Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kelly Rowland ends up topless in concert!

Former Destiny's Child is now in solo Kelly Rowland continues his career. And the least we can say is that it provides the show! In concert a few days ago in New Jersey, the singer dressed in sexy offered its fans a benefit where it ends topless. Not intentionally of course, but she was so caught in her song she did not notice that her bra went back, up to reveal her breasts in front of an audience that could not hide his pleasure.

Kelly does not notice and continues to sing and dance as if nothing had happened until she realizes that something is wrong, she adjusts her headband breasts look like much and the song ends. Kelly Rowland very professional but also humorous! She then said on his Twitter account: "The public of New Jersey was amazing! I hope you enjoyed the show and you do not pay attention to my breast that made you LOL cuckoo!"

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