Monday, August 22, 2011

U2's Bono denies health problems

Bono, lead singer of U2, has come out against the news published about his health in recent days. Rotary Some have reported that the singer had to be admitted urgently to the hospital in southern France, where he is on holiday, due to strong chest pains. The U2 frontman has said that it is true that he went to Princess Grace of Monaco Memorial Hospital but not for income but to make his annual checkup and make sure your health is in perfect condition.

In its statement acknowledges that "It's all lies, has not been any kind of emergency admission." "The information published on an emergency admission after suffering chest pains, some are absolutely false. Bono is in perfect condition and enjoy their holiday in the south of France. " The Irish Independent was one of those newspapers reported that the singer had a strong heart palpitations and chest pain before they decided to enter it so urgent to have symptoms of a heart attack.

De Bono is right now and the only health problem he has had in recent times was in May 2010 when they had back surgery urgently. The group has a tour that has raised three quarters of a billion dollars and is currently resting before entering the recording studio. We are pleased that Bono is well and have denied the news published by some media.

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