Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: the real reason for his divorce

Left for two weeks after their stunning dance number in the show, the poor were charged the wrong. The singer would be too possessive, always wants to control everything and would not allow his wife to develop fully, either personally or musical. Sufficient reason, in the eyes of the diva, to break a family that appeared yet so cohesive.

But according to a source of the English newspaper Daily Mail, the reason for this separation would be quite different. Follower of the Church of Scientology, the singer would not have supported her husband there is not attached, even reluctant, "Jennifer and Marc disagreed on the subject.

It has always been more interested in the church by it. "Jennifer Lopez decided that would include their twins, Max and Emma, their education would a Scientologist school, something strongly opposed Marc Anthony. The nice gentleman he would fear that his children are too similar to Suri, the little princess solitaire Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise?

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