Friday, August 12, 2011

The biggest fan of Lady Gaga: her grandma!

Lady Gaga us accustomed to extravagant clothes and deliberately provocative clips. His fans are more adolescents and adults. But still, his biggest fan is 80 years old, this is the grandmother of the singer, Angelin Germanotta, who says love what his little girl: "I listen to his songs, I love his music" she told Life & Style.

However, Grandma Gaga's not really the target of the singer of the young singer 25. When asked about specific outfits Lady Gaga, her dress made up entirely of pieces of meat for example, her grandmother took it lightly, "I am blind so I can not really see all her sexy outfits. I can only see its legs when she is on television so it's good that it is this kind of clothes so I can locate it."

Angelin also told Life & Style: "She wears jeans and casual clothes when it's family. It was a serious student, she was all his duties and went to mass!" A grandmother who takes still a very cool the escapades of his pop star daughter!

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