Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christina Aguilera unjustly accused of child abuse

Singer Christina Aguilera is furious. Following recent rumors suggesting she could have hit her little boy Max's face! The crazy rumors arose after pictures of children have revealed a swollen eye on his small boils while he was at the international airport in Los Angeles with her famous mom ...

In all likelihood, some thought assumed that the alcohol problems of the star could be the cause of violent behavior, like how there are people that go fast. This is not, of course, if the little boy of three years showed signs of blows is that like all children his age it is a bit reckless and sometimes awkward, and this marks was a bad fall on the face (he hit a rock), which would have occurred last week when he ran in the park with his nanny.

According to the news website TMZ, the lawyer for Christina Aguilera, Eric Greenspan, issued a statement after the website has published an article touting entitled "Child abuse, the son of Christina Aguilera photographed with a black eye! "The lawyer said:" Christina is a wonderful mother and she was not present when his son fell to the park, which made him very sad.

Assuming it could be related to this move forward without any evidence demonstrates a lack of seriousness and irresponsible behavior. " A priori there are writers who are willing to pass on anything to get a scoop seller, at the expense of all moral! A friend of the singer said angry "everyone knows that kids fall and hurt, and suggest something else, it's really disgusting." The interpreter of the hit "Beautiful" is, as soon as the accident took her child see a doctor to make sure everything was all right, mother and son and the latter's boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, have since soared to enjoy a well deserved holiday.

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