Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lindsay Lohan collaborating with a web against infidelity

Lindsay Lohan and just know what to do to revive his career. The web Cheaterville. com has contacted the actress to be part of his peculiar "crusade." On this page you can find details of several people who cheat on their partners. The idea is to work with the web Lohan to improve its battered public image.

We know that Lohan, despite being in parties of all kinds has never been unfaithful to their partners and this could be your weapon to work with this website. His relationship with Samantha Ronson finally an affair, would revive this a good deal. Lohan already back then tweeted "You lied to me and I know, I loved you so much." The motto of that website is "Do not let them fool you and say nothing, fight." Lohan seems interested in this project and even more the $ 25,000 has been offered by a video recording of 30 seconds to explain the negative to deceive the couple.

The website's public relations, James A. McGibney, has written in the bid has sent the actress who "not only send you this offer because we're big fans of yours but because perhaps your public image might improve if accepted." At the moment we do not know what he will about Lohan. Little lover being told what to do may be the end of the release what he has caused an aversion to the offer.

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