Friday, August 12, 2011

Kate Moss reveals details of his marriage!

The beautiful Kate Moss was not formalized her marriage to the public. Only through the indiscretion of the first date in July was known and details like the guests (Jude Law, Naomi Campbell ...) or the wedding dress have signed John Galliano filtered. If we were treated to some official photos, that the American edition of Vogue that Kate Moss has decided to reveal some details about his marriage.

"I became insane" Some anecdotes: the standing ovation when he arrived, the bridal bouquet grabs by the photographer, the arrival of Naomi Campbell late, tears of John Galliano, the first dance on If There Is Something interpreted by Bryan Ferry himself ... Twig back on this whole crazy day alongside her now husband, Jamie Hince.

And she confides her unavoidable stress. "The details are intense. I became crazy." "This is rock'n'roll" Ultimately, the intimate wedding (138 guests) was so great that Kate Moss had dreamed: "I wanted something a little dreamy and inspired by the 1920s, when everything was less supported.

this light and this kind of decadent fun. It's rock'n'roll Great Gatsby " Some words also John Galliano which followed the turmoil, legal problems and who found solace and a great honor working on the dress Kate Moss: "It allowed me to once again be John Galliano. I could not take a pencil in hand. This was my cure for creativity. "

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