Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taylor Swift reveals intimate pictures where she appears in a retro style!

The country music star, Taylor Swift, was given a rest while it is in full tour to enjoy the pleasures of the beach in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, as always pretty blonde was surrounded by members of his staff found to be good friends! Taylor has managed to build a nice complicity with her dancers and musicians and everyone benefits from each location to the show in depth but also discover the beauty of each place through.

Taylor Swift, who has accumulated many awards throughout the years, wanted to share his moments with his fans, and has published 27 photos on his official web page in a section entitled "The Charleston Photo Blog" ... We discovers it blossomed, smiling, with that retro style that characterizes so well, enjoying a boat trip or savoring a sea bath in black and white photographs that give a touch of glamor, a spirit years sixties, we almost expect to see the actress Marilyn Monroe arise next to the interpreter of "Speak now" as the spirit of vintage photographs has.

On his page, the young woman returns to one of his habits, namely, make lists for everything (goals, listening to music, things to do ...) and very often the star is working to record the places she would visit, we know that Taylor is a great adventurer who hates to stay locked in her hotel room before going on stage preferring to explore new places and new cultures while he is abroad.

Taylor also revealed that she was a multi-faceted young lady, she loves to write in her diary, watching series on TV but take pictures especially when on vacation. There's a fiber that has a sacred art! Also know that the DVD of the North American tour of Taylor Swift will be available in the United States from October 11, it will include lots of bonus backstage, news that could steal its audience !

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