Friday, August 12, 2011

Taylor Swift takes us to the heart of his tour with the clip "Sparks Fly" (video)

Taylor Swift has announced on his official website that the video shows her new single "Sparks Fly", the fifth from the album "Speak Now". The young country singer opted for a rather simple video because it is simply a compilation of images captured during his tour "Speak Now World Tour" which will end in late November.

The multi-award-winning artist has appealed to director Christian Lamb to film his show. The video for "Sparks Fly" promises to be a foretaste of the likely output of full concert on DVD and Blu-Ray. With the title "Sparks Fly" sounding more pop / rock that his previous singles, Taylor Swift may have more chance to make a success of the old continent.

It must be admitted that the girl had difficulty gaining in Europe, the country is not a style very popular in our region. United States, Taylor Swift is a real star and has been for some years. Since the release of his latest album "Speak Now" last fall, she chained tubes, concert dates as part of his tour "Speak Now World Tour" which is passed by France in March ...

and the rewards! The weekend, she won no fewer than six awards at the Teen Choice Awards 2011 including the 'Ultimate Choice' - which rewards lifetime achievement - but also the price 'for the best female artist' of ' the best country singer ', of' the best country song 'for the title "Mean", "the best romantic song' also for" Mean ", and finally that of 'the best song Break-up' for" Back to December " .

Taylor Swift has announced the release of the video via his Twitter page: "The video clip of" Sparks Fly "is available today in 30 of 16 H taylorswift. com. I hope you like it! "

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