Monday, August 29, 2011

Salvatore Licitra in serious condition, after a serious car accident

Italian tenor Salvatore Licitra was in serious condition after suffering an accident. The artist went to Modica (Sicily) to receive an award when he had a problem with the control of his car. The ambulance moved to the scene did not hesitate to whisk the Garibaldi Hospital Catania where he is admitted in serious condition.

A bruise on her head, has had to undergo surgery and multiple injuries were the result of the accident. The prognosis, according to its website, is "reserved", the tenor is responding well to treatment. It was not immediately confirmed but the actions were planned for 18, 23 and 25 September in Tokyo could be canceled.

Similarly, the artist was scheduled to perform in Taiwan in October. His tour in Italy in November and stay in New York are still in the eaves. We know that the tenor is shocked and does not fear for his life but the management is waiting to see what dates can finally do or what will decide when Licitra could leave the hospital.


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