Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beyonce is in the tradition of Michael Jackson

The tender and caring husband of singer R & B, Beyoncé, Jay-Z may well appreciate the talent of his wife, he is nonetheless careful and very honest! The producer does not accept that his wife, as gifted as it is, is put on the same plane as the King Of The Pop, Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. He told a Miami radio "What I learned is similar to what I learned from Michael Jackson, but I also know it's blasphemy to compare, because Mike has all but invented I think it comes second."

That's said, Michael Jackson is not dethroned, and remains on its pedestal, it must be said that he had a hell of a sense of creativity unmatched to this day despite the many talents today ... Jay-Z, however, think it is its worthy successor to the feminine! Beyonce is no less a star worthy of the name, last week, it sold tickets for his performance in the Big Apple in less than 30 seconds, hence the comparison with the interpretation of "Thriller." The beautiful 2500 tickets sold in just 22 seconds, even if the reception of his latest album 4 is rather mixed performance of "Only Girl (in the Wold)" draws crowds with his charismatic presence and his talent showgirl! Beyoncé delivered a stunning performance Aug.

14 at Roseland Ballroom, it was his first concert of the four planned '4 Intimate Night With Beyonce '("4 nights intimate with Beyoncé") and tracing his career already filled only 29. Arrived a few days before his first scene in New York, Beyonce was seen in a super flashy dress in mind very seventies when she was a bit of shopping Louboutin perched on August 11th! Class Miss Knowles in all circumstances, we must say that it is deemed to have a closet full and bursts of frequent shopping spree, but no worries his bank account allows it to as much as it is well worth !

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